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Blazers Edge Night Kicks Into Gear!

The online donation mechanism for Blazer's Edge Night 2014 is up and ready to go! Help us send 1000 less-privileged kids, youth, and chaperons to the March 20th Blazers-Wizards game!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The post about the 2014 Blazer's Edge Night has been hanging around for a while now. If you haven't checked out how we're sending 1000 less-privileged kids and chaperons to the March 20th Blazers-Wizards game, make sure you do! Long story short:

--Yes, we're really sending 1000 kids. Encouraging the next generation of Blazers fans and helping kids who don't usually get a break and wouldn't be able to go is in our site DNA. We've been sending folks for years now. 1000 is our biggest number ever, but this is what we do!

--The only source of tickets is your donations. This isn't corporate sponsored big business. This is you and me and your fellow readers banding together to make a difference,

--Requests are pouring in already and we're telling people "YES!" as we speak. That "YES!" makes a huge different to these kids and their teachers, counselors, principals, coaches, social workers, medical staff, and more. We say "YES!" to a wide variety of folks, all of whom write hoping that we can help and all of whom have an amazing time at the game.

--Tickets are only $5 or $11 each this year so even a little bit of help makes a difference.

So far we've been waiting for the online ticket donation mechanism to get set up. We're pleased to announce that it's ready to go!

The website to donate tickets is: and you need to use promo code BlazersEdge.

You can also call Lisa Swan directly at 503-963-3966. If you're donating a large block of tickets calling directly may be the way to go. The online form doesn't like huge quantities.

If you have questions don't hesitate to e-mail me.

We continue to process requests for tickets. If you work with underprivileged youth and would like them to see a game, e-mail me at

Over the next couple days I'll share some of the thank you notes from the folks who went last year (yes, I kept them) and tell you more about one touching donation story, but right now go ahead and read the official release below and help us out by donating some tickets!

Be sure to join the Portland Trail Blazers for an evening of high-flying basketball action at this year's Blazer's Edge Group Night! Donate tickets to underprivileged youth in the area when your Portland Trail Blazers take on the Washington Wizards this March. Last year we set a new benchmark when over 800 youth were able to attend the game because of the generous donations of loyal Blazer's Edge followers. This year we have set the goal of 1,000! We need your help, donate today! Donate tickets online:


Promo Code: BlazersEdge

**To donate by phone, please contact Lisa Swan at 503.963.3966.

Check out the Blazer's Edge Night flyer below and click here for the full-size version!


--Dave (