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Haynes: Blazers' "Rip City" Alternate Jerseys To Get Sleeves For 2014-15 Season?

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The Portland Trail Blazers' "Rip City" alternate jerseys could reportedly get sleeves for the 2014-15 season.

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Chris Haynes of reports that the Portland Trail Blazers' "Rip City" alternate jerseys could get the short-sleeve treatment for the 2014-15 season.

For the 2014-15 season, the heritage jerseys of NBA teams will be converted to short sleeved jerseys, a league source informed The source spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the plan being subject to change leading up to next season, but it's "highly unlikely," the source explained.

In the case of the Portland Trail Blazers, their popular white "Rip City" jersey will be converted to a short sleeve fit.

The Blazers first unveiled the "Rip City" jerseys back in September 2009 to coincide with the franchise's 40th season and they debuted the look shortly thereafter. Here are some details from various press releases back in 2009.

The "Rip City" jersey was inspired by the passionate relationship between the team and the city it represents.


Portland Trail Blazers will wear commemorative "Rip City" jerseys, paying homage to the enduring 40-year bond between the team and its fans.

The jersey, designed in conjunction with the team's 40th anniversary season, unofficially debuted during the October 14 preseason game vs. Phoenix. It will be worn twice during the regular season - Friday night vs. San Antonio and on Fan Appreciation Night, April 14 vs. Golden State.

"Since the day that Bill Schonely first uttered the words in 1971, ‘Rip City' has become synonymous with Portland and Blazermania," Chief Marketing Officer Sarah Mensah said. "These jerseys were our way of using the 40th anniversary platform to celebrate and recognize the role our fans have played in the success the Trail Blazers franchise."

On February 18, 1971, Schonely yelled the first ‘Rip City!' cry in response to a long-distance field goal by Trail Blazer Jim Barnett. The rest, as they say, is history.

The most famous of many terms coined by the former Trail Blazers voice, Rip City grew to become synonymous with the basketball fervor that enveloped the city when the team won the 1977 NBA Championship and make 26 playoff appearances in a 27-year stretch from 1977-2003.

Back in September, Blazers president Chris McGowan said the team would not adopt sleeved jerseys for the 2013-14 season.

Sleeved jerseys first hit the NBA with the Golden State Warriors back in February 2013. Since then, a number of teams (including the Phoenix Suns, Minnesota Timberwolves and Los Angeles Clippers) have adopted short-sleeve alternate jerseys, and all 10 teams that played on Christmas Day last week wore special edition "BIG Logo" sleeved jerseys (photos here).

The "Rip City" look has drawn praise over the years.

Back in November, Blazersedge reported that the Blazers were investigating the possibility of new jersey designs for the 2015-16 season. That sparked an entertaining jersey re-design contest at's UniWatch.

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