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Who Is Your Dream Blazers Broadcasting Television Crew?

If Mike & Mike needed substitute television analysts for one Blazer game, who would you choose to take their place?

Former Blazer Clyde Drexler reports on the sideline for NBA TV.
Former Blazer Clyde Drexler reports on the sideline for NBA TV.
Ethan Miller

Mike Barrett and Mike Rice have teamed up to provide Portland Trail Blazers television broadcast commentary since the 2005-2006 season. Love them or hate them, Barrett and Rice will continue as Portland's TV duo for their ninth straight year together.

What would happen, though, if they both had to call in sick for a broadcast?

Let's say you get to choose a pair of broadcasters to call a single Blazers game. You're in charge of finding a play-by-play announcer and a color analyst to fill the shoes of Mike & Mike for a day, and anyone – at least loosely affiliated with the Blazers and their team history – is available.

How about bringing back Steve "Snapper" Jones for a nostalgia trip? He called Blazer games for over two decades, and his distinct voice would cause loads of memories to rush back for generations of fans who listened to him over the years. He even merited his own fan appreciation night a few seasons ago, demonstrating his popularity with the fans and within the organization.

Chris Dudley, who played center for the Blazers for several years in the mid-nineties and early-2000s, could probably hold his own in the broadcast booth, due to his Ivy-League education and experience in politics after his playing career. He played 16 seasons for five different teams and lived in Portland for several years following his retirement as a player, so he could bring years of NBA insight and a local flavor.

Maybe we should bring a dark horse candidate into the mix... What about Rasheed Wallace? Could you tolerate him screaming "BALL DON'T LIE!" for a few hours? He may even mix it up with the refs from behind the microphone like Mike "The Wild One" Rice, who once drew an ejection from Steve Javie.

You might also like to get a beloved former Blazer's face on television. The list of interesting names here is limitless: Brandon Roy, Clyde Drexler...and even though Bill Walton and Dr. Jack Ramsay already have decades of experience broadcasting, they represent the '77 championship team and could be paired with an unlikely broadcast partner for interesting results.

Blazers owner Paul Allen would have to be considered, too. Wouldn't it be revealing to hear a game called from the man who signs everyone's paychecks? Fans would finally get a glimpse of how he views the game from an owner's perspective. Would he be ultra critical, a total homer or neither? He'd have to talk about his team for a couple of hours at least, which would certainly be insightful for fans.

So which two voices would you want to hear call a single Blazers game this season if Barrett and Rice had to sit one out? You might also have a sideline reporter in mind. Another thing to consider is the matchup that night: is there a particular team you'd want to see the Blazers play against while watching your dream broadcast crew call the game?