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Portland Trail Blazers Media Day Bingo!

Blazer's Edge welcomes you to Media Day 2013!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Media Day 2013 is upon us.  It doesn't mark the end of the off-season but it does indicate the beginning of the end is nigh.

Festivities commence at 11:30 a.m. Pacific.  As always, we'll have the juicy quotes, hopeful stories, and soon-to-be-assaulted-by-reality plans and dreams that come out of this media access bonanza.  Until then, here's an idea that I'm shamelessly ripping from SBNation's NBA e-mail group.

When the powers that be reminded us that Media Days for the various teams would be coming soon, SBN-NBA's authors began an extended version of Media Day Bingo.  Squares on the Bingo board were populated with obligatory and cliched quotes from the typical Media Day session...the stuff you have to hear or your year just isn't complete.

A great example for the Portland Trail Blazers would have been the annual Player Redemption Story authored by Jason Quick or some member of the Oregonian Staff back in the Jailblazers Era.  Bonzi Wells, Darius Miles, Damon Stoudamire...every September some Blazer who had shown questionable behavior in years past would be vowing to reform, to focus, to let their on-court performance speak for itself.  If we were lucky this would last until mid-November until the next "incident" brought the story down like a house of cards.  One Media Day Bingo square back then surely would have read "Turning Over a New Leaf".

Thankfully that era--and the need/opportunity for such stories--is past us now.  But those 24 Media Day Bingo squares aren't going to fill themselves!  What quote, phrase, or promise from players/coaches/management would go onto your card, either Portland-specific or generally for the NBA?  Will somebody get a chance to shout "BINGO!" before today's quotes from Blazer-land cease?

Fill in below, in the comment section.  Happy Media Day!

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