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Live Chat With Dave!

Live chat with Dave opens at 8:30 p.m. Pacific tonight!

Timmay is running an near-encyclopedic recap of last summer's "History of the Blazers" series tonight because he's been itching to do it for months and because I've had WAY too exhausting of a Sunday to come up with anything long-form and clever to post tonight.  You need not worry, though, for two reasons:

1.  The rest of this week will be filled with intense Mailbag topics including my views on Neil Olshey, the media, and statistical work.  Buckle up.

2.  In place of a long-form post I'm opening up a live chat at 8:30 Pacific to let you get in questions or thought...or just to banter back and forth in the comment section.  These are always free-form.  You can ask almost anything you want: Blazers-related, NBA, sports, life, personal, whatever.  I take a swing at nearly everything.

Sharpen up those typing fingers and get ready to join in for an hour or two (or at least until the thunderstorm I'm eyeing out my front window cuts power to my house).

Comments are open.  Fire away!