The True Go-To Chalupa Man. Designated


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The Question

After reading through the demise of the Chalupa tradition here and the fan reactions, a burning question remained in my mind through most of the week: which player has scored that 100th point the most to bring the chalupas home for the fans?


After a quick search, attempts to answer this question consist of an old broken link and no other luck. Before I set out on answering this question my best guess was Damon Stoudamire for two reasons: first, he was a Blazer for a long time and second, I remember him shooting a lot of free throws near the tail end of games.


Given the earlier linked Willamette Week post, I knew the first Chalupa game was in November 1999 and it was a matter of looking through the play-by-plays from that game on to answer my question. I assumed the following criteria for the eligible games to analyze the data:

  1. Chalupa eligible games start at the 1999-2000 season and end for the 2012-2013 season.
  2. The Blazers must be playing at home and score 100 points or more
  3. Home playoff games count towards chalupa-eligible games

If I made wrong assumptions or if certain exceptions for certain seasons occurred, please let me know and I'll be happy to edit and adjust the data.


So without further ado here are the top 10 Chalupa Go-To Men. Designated.

  1. Brandon Roy - 21 times
  2. Damon Stoudamire - 16 times
  3. Lamarcus Aldridge - 14 times
  4. Rasheed Wallace - 13 times
  5. Bonzi Wells - 12 times
  6. Zach Randolph - 11 times
  7. Wes Matthews - 10 times
  8. Travis Outlaw - 10 times
  9. Steve Blake - 9 times
  10. Nicolas Batum - 8 times

Results Analysis

Brandon Roy just added another accolade to his already impressive list of accolades in franchise history. It looks like my initial hypothesis of Damon Stoudamire was close. There no other significant surprises on this list, other than not seeing Luke Babbitt here(j/k), because all the other players in this group are significant contributors in the 4th quarters of the Chalupa era.

Bonus Results and Analysis

For those more curious of the other 59 players in franchise history to help us get Chalupas, see below for the rest. The data shows that the chalupa go-to man stat is not friendly to blazer bigs because Greg Oden, Joel Pryzbilla, and Ha Seung Jin all have the same number of Chalupa games at 1. Another key takeaway from the data is that sadly folk hero Luke Babbitt is not as much of a go-to chalupa man as we all thought, as he joins the same company as Sebastian Telfair, Stacy Augmon, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Patty Mills, James Jones, Jarrett Jack, Gary Grant, Detlef Schrempf, and Hall of Famer Arvydas Sabonis.

  • R. Fernandez:6
  • S. Kemp:5
  • R. Patterson:5
  • J. Crawford:5
  • D. Davis:5
  • M. Webster:4
  • G. Wallace:4
  • D. Lillard:4
  • S. Smith:3
  • S. Rodriguez:3
  • S. Pippen:3
  • R. Felton:3
  • Q. Woods:3
  • J. Hickson:3
  • J. Bayless:3
  • D. Miles:3
  • D. Cunningham:3
  • D. Anderson:3
  • A. Miller:3
  • S. Telfair:2
  • S. Augmon:2
  • S. Abdur-Rahim:2
  • P. Mills:2
  • L. Babbitt:2
  • J. Jones:2
  • J. Jack:2
  • G. Grant:2
  • G. Anthony:2
  • D. Schrempf:2
  • A. Sabonis:2
  • W. Perdue:1
  • W. Barton:1
  • V. Stepania:1
  • V. Khryapa:1
  • S. Kerr:1
  • R. Price:1
  • R. Brunson:1
  • N. Smith:1
  • M. Leonard:1
  • M. Camby:1
  • J. Przybilla:1
  • J. Pendergraph:1
  • J. O'Neal:1
  • J. McInnis:1
  • J. Magloire:1
  • J. Howard:1
  • J. Dixon:1
  • I. Udoka:1
  • I. Diogu:1
  • H. Seung-Jin:1
  • G. Oden:1
  • E. Maynor:1
  • E. Barkley:1
  • D. Dickau:1
  • C. Johnson:1
  • C. Frye:1
  • A. Johnson:1
  • A. Harvey:1
  • A. Daniels:1
  • Acknowledgements

    Hat tip to for the 2000-2013 play-by-play data and making it easy for a machine to parse the data. The only interesting thing was basketball-reference did not have the 1999-2000 play by play data. So a lesser hat tip to where I manually clicked through to get the 1999-2000 play by play data because the site makes it difficult for a machine to parse the data.