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SBN-NBA Discussion: What Would You Do as NBA Commissioner for a Day?

Dave Deckard from shares what he'd do as NBA Commissioner for a Day. Put on your Commish hat and join in the discussion too!

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Mike Stobe

I'm peeking in from vacation because today marks the first SBN-NBA network-wide discussion of the 2013 off-season. All the NBA blogs around the network will tackle the same question today. Be sure and click different sites to see their takes and participate in the conversation!

The inaugural discussion topic for 2013: "If you were NBA Commissioner for a day, what would you do?" Several folks from our site warmed up on this topic last week. Now it's time to weigh in officially.

The first thing I'd do in preparation for becoming NBA Commissioner is check out THIS VIDEO. If you haven't already, you should too. After that, figuring out what to do is easy!

Cue the beat, sit down, and let me tell you what I'd do as Commissioner for a day.

Wake up a boss.

Get me a new a boss.

Enforce a boss.

Fix the flop a boss.

Prank call a boss.

Promote the a boss.

Buy a a boss.

Tell 'Sheed the ball a boss.

Yo, I ain't even had breakfast yet. You KNOW there's a lot more hours left in this day...

Rig the a boss.

Help small a boss.

Hit on a boss.

Get a boss.

Punch a boss.

Test for P.E.D.' a boss.

Go a boss.

Then screw the a boss.

Kazam! Now THAT'S more like it! But hold up. We ain't done yet. Keep that beat rollin'!

Expand to a boss.

Send Adam Silver a boss.

Fire all the a boss.

Invent my own a boss.

Fly into the a boss.

Call it for a boss.

Cook with truffle a boss.

Rename the a boss.

Yeah, and you know why I can do all that [bleep]? Cuz I'm the boss.

I'm...the boss.

--Dave (