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Open Question: How Many Current Trail Blazers Will Still Be Blazers in 2015?

Dave throws open the question of how many current Blazers will be with the team after 2015. Join in the discussion!



In one of your earlier posts you said Damian Lillard was the only Blazer you'd guarantee continuing beyond 2015.  Can you explain that more?


Sure, but it's more of an interesting discussion topic--and a clue as to the current state of the team--than a firm prognostication.  Obviously more than one current player will remain with the team beyond 2015.  The point is, between talent, chemistry, contracts, and the nebulous road ahead we don't know who those players will be.  That tells you something about where the Blazers are in the building process.

Since it is an interesting discussion topic, let's throw it open today.  Here are my best guesses.

All But Guaranteed to Stay Regardless of Anything

Damian Lillard

Probably Staying, if Nothing Else Because of Rookie Contract Situation

C.J. McCollum, Thomas Robinson, Meyers Leonard

Contract Says "Stay" but Will Depend on Other Developments

Nicolas Batum

Just Not Sure or Worse

Everybody Else

You can use whatever category headings you wish.  Share your best guesses below!

--Dave (