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Question of the Day for Friday, August 2nd: Commissioner for a Day

A new series begins at Blazer's Edge, Question of the Day! Today's topic: What would you do if you were NBA Commissioner for a day?

Mike Stobe

I'm enjoying some time away for a few days but never fear! The excitement at Blazer's Edge continues no matter what. In addition to covering breaking news we have a special experiment for you to participate in. The SBN-NBA network is looking for topics for our annual network-wide group discussions. Blazer's Edge is serving as a guinea pig...the testing ground for potential discussion topics. Each day we'll bring you a new question. You can answer any way you wish. The organizers of the network-wide event will be peeking in to see what kind of conversation follows each question, the better to evaluate how it might serve for SBN as a whole. I'll also comb the comments to better inform my "official" response if these questions do get used. Enjoy digging into these!

Question for Friday, August 2nd

David Stern has stepped down but Adam Silver needs hangnail surgery and cannot assume office for 24 hours. As a result you've been named Commissioner for the day. Your mandates are binding and the slate is wide open. What would you do?

Chime in below!

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