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2013 Free Agency Discussion (Friday)

Dwight Howard has finally made his decision. This is when terms like "dominos" and "falling" come into play. Hold onto your butts.

Call it WrestleMania V, because the Megapowers are about to explode!
Call it WrestleMania V, because the Megapowers are about to explode!
Stephen Dunn

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NEW: After a hilariously long day of decisions, indecisiveness and decisions again, Dwight Howard has finally decided to join the Houston Rockets. The Los Angeles Lakers have been informed of the decision, and their General Manager Mitch Kupchak already publicly commented about his departure. It's a done deal at this point.

NEW The Warriors made a major salary-dump move to the Jazz. Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins and Brandon Rush go to Utah along with multiple Warrior first-round picks, including 2014. In return, the Warriors received the non-guaranteed contract for Kevin Murphy.

NEW The Warriors then signed Andre Iguodala for 4 years, $48 million.


NEW Jose Calderon (Leaves DET for DAL) - 4yr, $29m [Multiple]
(Leaves DAL for MIL) - 3yr, $24m [Woj]
Matt Barnes
(Stays with LAC) - 3yr, ~12m
Josh McRoberts
(Stays with CHA) - 2yr, $6m
Andre Iguodala
(Leaves DEN for GSW) - 4yr, $48m
Al Jefferson
(Leaves UTA for CHA) - 3yr, $41m [Woj]
Marco Belinelli
(Leaves CHI for SAS) - 2yr, $6m [Woj]
Tyreke Evans
(SAC S&T to NOP for Lopez and Vasquez) [Sactown Royalty]
JR Smith
(Stays with NYK) - 4yr, $25m [Isola]
Kyle Korver (Stays in ATL) - 4yr, $24m [Stein]
Chase Budinger
(Stays in MIN) - 3yr, $16m [Woj]
Kevin Martin
(Leaves OKC for MIN) - 4yr, $28m [Woj]
Tiago Splitter
(Stays in SAS) - 4yr, $36m+ [Woj]
Manu Ginobili
(Stays in SAS) - 2ry, $14m [Manu]
Tony Allen
(Stays in MEM) - 4yr, $20m [Woj]
David West
(Stays in IND) - 3yr, $36m [Woj]
Martell Webster
(Stays in WAS) - 4yr, $22m [Woj]
Eric Maynor
(Leaves POR for WAS) - 2 yr, $4m [See Article]

[See the bottom of this post for the most well-known players still available]


The Bucks, Clippers and Suns have completed a trade where Eric Bledsoe heads to Phoenix and JJ Redick joins the Clippers. Woj has the details.

The Raptors are trading Andrea Bargnani to the Knicks for Marcus Camby, Steve Novak, the Knicks' 2016 first-round pick and two second round picks. [as per Woj]


- OJ Mayo and the Bucks are in advanced negotiations.

- The Denver Nuggets' first offer to Andre Iguodala was 5 years, $63 million. (Brandon Krisztal). Multiple reports now state that various teams are making a run at Andre. Who knows, this could become a bidding war.

- In an interview with Sports 790 (summarized here), Rockets GM Daryl Morey stated he did not plan to move Omer Asik, even if they sign Dwight Howard:

Daryl: Dwight is excited to play with Omer and Jeremy. He’s seen the rumors. Dwight likes that the ROX are team China and likes that Jeremy attacks as a guard. He likes Omer. Their names have been out there in rumors. Rumor that Omer would be available is not true. Originally they were trying to create room people called IN about Jeremy and Omer. Not looking to move either.
Host: So if you could sign Dwight and keep the lineup in tact you’d want to do that? Keep Omer in starting lineup with Dwight?
Daryl: No. They wouldn’t play together, maybe sometimes in experiments. We feel with both playing (Omer as backup) they have top 10 defense on floor at all times.
Host: Omer would be a HUGE luxury though?
Daryl: Yeah, people say that but we don’t look at it that way. What Omer would bring in his minutes is bigger than what another player would bring that we would trade him for. An upgrade at the 4 wouldn’t bring as much to the team as Omer in 15-20 minutes.

- Chris Haynes reports that the Blazers have reached out to Samuel Dalembert.

- Chris Tomasson at Fox Sports Florida reports that Andre Miller may be available in trade. He was close to former Nuggets Head Coach George Karl, and doesn't fit the team.

- Jason Quick of The Oregonian reports on Twitter: "The Blazers will talk with agent Aaron Goodwin later today or Tuesday about free agents Matt Barnes and Francisco Garcia."

- Chris Haynes at Comcast Sportsnet reports that the Blazers are not pursuing Andrew Bynum. (Whew)

- Haynes also reports that UFA Carl Landry has interest in the Blazers.

- Sam Amick says the Blazers have interest in UFA OJ Mayo.

- Shams Charania at RealGM reports that the Suns want to keep Marcin Gortat to mentor rookie Alex Len.

- Tim Leighton at Pioneer Press reports that Minnesota Timberwolves GM Flip Saunders plans to retain RFA Center Nikola Pekovic.

PS -- Please remember we're all on the same side! Even if things don't go down as you'd prefer, please try to be classy, civil and respectful to other Blazer's Edge users. Even if you're proven right, remember the rule in sports: The only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner.


Samuel Dalembert
Ivan Johnson
Josh Smith
Nate Robinson
Chris Kaman
OJ Mayo
Jarrett Jack
Carl Landry
Monta Ellis
JR Smith
Jermaine O'Neal
Paul Millsap
Andrei Kirilenko


Timofey Mozgov (Denver Nuggets)
Nikola Pekovic (Minnesota Timberwolves)