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The Official Blazer's Edge Pump Up Robin Lopez Thread!

Blazer's Edge readers extol the virtues of Robin Lopez!


I'm headed out on a little vacation but never fear, Timmay's got a post coming tonight, I've got posts pre-written for next week, Ben will return on Monday, and we've got news covered over the weekend. Blazer's Edge never rests!

But before I head may have noticed that many Blazer's Edge readers are...errrr...bullish on the prospect of having Robin Lopez man the center spot next season. So we're going to let it all out tonight.

This is the official Pump Up Robin Lopez thread. It was inspired by discussion going on through internal SBN-NBA channels about Hasheem Thabeet. Folks are going loopy about him fulfilling his potential. We must not let this stand, nor let the Thunder win the day! If any semi-obscure center is going to emerge as a superhero this season, it must be RoLo!

So...There is only one rule to this thread. No stats. No basketball arguments. No comparative analyses. The only thing allowed in this conversation is placing Robin Lopez' name in place of Chuck Norris in the best Norris Lopez facts and jokes tradition. You can bring out the old chestnuts or make up some of your own (if they are good). Let's show those blue-threaded center-pumping wannabes who has the real emerging pivot in the league!

--Dave (