Rose Garden Naming Rights Sold to ODS/Moda?

Will there be a new name on the side next season? - Wikipedia

Since Sammy reported this first, I'm promoting his fanpost to the front page for now. We may have a separate post later as more information is available, and we have confirmation. -- Tim

UPDATE: The Columbian's Candace Buckner reports that the Blazers have reached no agreement for naming rights. (Thanks Corvid!)

1080 the Fan's Isaac Ropp is reporting, and there is now reportedly confirmation [Note from Tim: I haven't found confirmation yet], that ODS (now Moda Health) will be purchasing naming rights to the Rose Garden for 4.2 million dollars per year:

Apparently the name will be something along the lines of Moda Health Garden, Moda Health Arena, etc.. etc.. but that's all speculation.

I'm pretty ambivalent to the change. I would have posted this in the fanshots but it wanted a link or a quote or an image, and I had none. So here I am, filling word count, so that when this goes front page I can get some props.

So what do you guys think? Hate it? Love it? Don't care? Will call it the Rose Garden regardless? Will help prevent injuries through karmic forces?

Let's hear your ideas on how to incorporate the "Moda Health" name into an arena name that doesn't suck!