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Hecht: Blazers F Thomas Robinson Felt "Disrespected" By Rockets Trade

Portland Trail Blazers forward Thomas Robinson offers some thoughts on being traded by the Houston Rockets.


Sarah Hecht of interviewed new Portland Trail Blazers forward Thomas Robinson, who reflects on the Houston Rockets trading him earlier this month in a salary dump. Video here and below.

Reaction to trade

Honestly, I was upset. Not about coming to Portland, but upset at my situation, and more just adding on top of the year that I had. I was angry but excited to get here and start over.

Conversation with Blazers GM Neil Olshey after trade

I wasn't upset that I came here but more how it happened and how my rookie year went. Neil pretty much capitalized on what I came to the conclusion with myself, which was to get back to the player that I am.

Chip on your shoulder because of trade

It put a bigger chip on my shoulder. I never felt this disrespected as a basketball player. I feel like I want to fix that first. I take it to heart.

Maurice Bobb of Slam Online caught up with Robinson back in March and the No. 5 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft expressed similar feelings after being traded by the Sacramento Kings to the Rockets.

SLAM: How do you feel about being traded in your rookie year?

TR: I don't know...happy, disrespected. Somewhere between those two. I feel like I got dumped. That's how I feel. Bad breakup. So I'm gonna make my ex hate me the next time they see me.

The Blazers introduced Robinson at a press conference earlier this month.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter