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Vegas Summer League Thread: Blazers vs. Lakers

Maybe this will erase the memories of yesterday's second half.


This game will not be shown live on NBA TV.
It's live on NBA Summer League Broadband and maybe ESPN Online!

It's game 2! Hopefully it's more entertaining than game 1.

Tip-off: 3:30pm
Watch live: NBA Summer League Broadband (one-time $15 charge), Watch ESPN
Watch later: NBA TV, 10pm

Here is everything you need to know:

- Dave's guide to what to watch for in Summer League.
- My guide for how Summer League works, and how to view it.

These games typically last two hours, shorter than the average NBA game.

There will be spoilers on the front-page after the game ends. But we will try to have a spillover Gameday Thread for the 10pm broadcast!

Enjoy some Blazer basketball! -- Tim