Grantland gives Blazers off season A-


Trail Blazers Hey, speaking of insane billionaires! From CBS Sports: "He's currently being sued by his own ex-military bodyguards amidst allegations of illegal activity, his helicopter recently crashed during an excursion to Antarctica and, oh yeah, he's gone through two general managers and a vice president of basketball operations since the 2010 NBA Draft. He passes his time, including on Thursday morning, exchanging tweets about what rock song the Seattle Seahawks, his NFL franchise, should play at practice. [Seahawks coach Pete] Carroll plays along, of course, because he, like every Allen employee, knows his job depends on it." That's from 2011 and it has nothing to do with NBA free agency. It's just important to remember that for all our celebrations of Prokhorov, Paul Allen's right up there in the psychotic rich guy power rankings. But next to Brooklyn, the Blazers' offseason is the polar opposite. The Blazers added a collection of solid, undervalued young players to fill out their starting lineup and bench. They drafted C.J. McCollum and Allen Crabbe as weapons to throw into the backcourt off the bench, added Dorell Wright for $6 million over two years to back up Nicolas Batum, stole Robin Lopez to play center next to LaMarcus Aldridge, AND wound up landing Thomas Robinson for basically nothing as Houston tried to clear space for Dwight Howard. Instead of tearing things down and selling off half its roster to get ready for 2014 draft, Portland became one of the most interesting young teams in the league. Everything it did made sense the past few weeks. This is the opposite of crashing your helicopter during a recent excursion to Antarctica. Grade: A-