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Transcript: Peter Vecsey Dishes On Blazers GM Neil Olshey On 750 AM The Game

Longtime NBA writer Peter Vecsey offered some thoughts on Portland Trail Blazers GM Neil Olshey during a radio interview.


Longtime NBA writer Peter Vecsey, formerly of the New York Post, discussed Portland Trail Blazers GM Neil Olshey during a radio interview on Thursday with Chad Doing of 750 AM The Game.

A transcript is below. Audio is here.

Peter Vecsey: "I've never met [Olshey]. I wouldn't know him if I bumped into him. If he set a pick on me, I wouldn't know who did it. When he was hired, I think he was in, I don't know, worked in Wall Street or something, and Mike Dunleavy got him a job as a workout guy. He was an actor and stuff like that. I don't follow his career but I've heard stuff about it. And he somehow gets to be the General Manager when Dunleavy leaves.

"Even before that, he was in charge of the scouts and stuff. I would hear from these long-time scouts of the Clippers, whose contracts he just sliced and diced. They had been there for years and years, and he cut them down, cut them down, disrespected them, disrespected them.


"It wasn't a big enough story. I was doing a column for the Post. These guys all wanted to go on the record against him, his arrogance and condescension, as you say. He 'knew everything.' He came from Wall Street. What, are you kidding me? These guys had been there for years. I just couldn't do it because nobody knew who he is. Who cares?

"Then he gets the GM job with Portland. I see Paul Allen is now following me on Twitter so I hope he's listening to the program. I can't put all of that on Twitter."

He was in soap operas

"Is that what he was doing? He was a soap opera guy? OK, God bless America. He's fooling a lot of people."

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter