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Barrett: Blazers Take Lehigh's C.J. McCollum In 2013 Mock Draft

Portland Trail Blazers broadcaster Mike Barrett has the team taking Lehigh guard C.J. McCollum in his 2013 NBA Mock Draft.


Portland Trail Blazers broadcaster Mike Barrett has the team selecting Lehigh guard C.J. McCollum in his latest 2013 NBA Mock Draft and writes that using the pick might be preferable to moving it.

10. Portland-C.J. McCollum (PG/SG)-Lehigh

I know that many people are predicting that the Blazers will move this pick. But, as I've mentioned, there are a lot of teams looking to do that, which makes it buyer-friendly. At some point this becomes more about diminishing returns and you're better off keeping the pick. If that's the case, why not go with a four-year guy who appears to be NBA-ready? I think that worked pretty well last year, and Lillard was also a mid-major guy, like McCollum. If you think McCollum could step in and be the back-up point, and also play a little two, is he a better backup for Lillard than what you'd find on the open market? He wouldn't cost you as much either.

Chad Ford of has the Blazers taking McCollum in his latest mock. Ford also recently included McCollum on a list of three players piquing the Blazers' interest, along with Croatian forward Dario Saric and Georgia guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

Blazers point guard Damian Lillard included McCollum on a list of his three favorite players in this year's class, along with Kentucky big man Nerlens Noel and Kansas guard Ben McLemore.

McCollum was also included in a list of the three best fits for the Blazers by a national analyst.

Lillard has been used as a comparison for McCollum as both spent four years at small schools.

You can read ZiggyTheBeagle's statistical similarity breakdowns of McCollum here.

Check out the following videos of McCollum.

The Blazers hold the No. 10 pick in the 2013 NBA Draft.

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