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Choose Your Portland Trail Blazers Center of the Future

Here's your chance to choose Portland's center of the future! We've listed them out. You make the call!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Having gone through a two part examination of nearly every available center around the league this summer we're now leaving it to you, Blazer's Edge readers, to choose your preferred pivot move. Now granted, we're not opening up the entire spectrum in this post. That's what the other two posts were for. I'm selecting some of the more likely and/or commonly-discussed trades for a starting center. For purposes of this post we're setting aside the chic reserve centers and the outlying moves that have a one-in-a-billion chance of happening but would make somebody look like Nostradamus if they hit. We're looking at these trades only.

For each deal we're going to offer the player, his current cap hit, and what the Blazers would trade away. Let us know which you prefer or if you prefer none of the above. Again, please judge "none of the above" only on the merits of these trades, not because you'd rather have Al Horford or because you have a fancy four-way to propose. We're assuming that these are the only deals available to the Blazers. General Managers around the league said no to everything else involving a potential starter. Which move do you like best, if any, and why?

Andray Blatche, Free Agent, for all your cap space

Anderson Varejao, $9.5 million current contract, for 10th pick and 2 second-rounders

Chris Kaman, Free Agent, for $6.5 million

Brandan Wright, Free Agent, for $6 million

Timofey Mozgov, Free Agent, for $4.5 million

DeAndre Jordan, $11 million current contract, for 10th pick and 2 second-rounders

Samuel Dalembert, Free Agent, for $7.5 million

Marcin Gortat, $7.7 million current contract, for 10th pick

Al Jefferson, Free Agent, for all your cap space

Have at it in the comment section and the poll.

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