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Transcript: Georgia's Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Takes Questions After Working Out For Blazers

Georgia guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope took questions from the media after working out for the Portland Trail Blazers in advance of the 2013 NBA Draft.


Georgia guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope took questions from the media after working out for the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday in advance of the 2013 NBA Draft.

Here's a transcript of his comments via this video shot by Sean Meagher of

What do you bring to a team?

I can bring a lot. I play both sides of the ball, I defend, I have an offensive game, I rebound the ball, I get steals a lot. Just a lot bringing to the team.

Natural position?

Shooting guard.

Feel pressure working out in front of Blazers owner Paul Allen?

I didn't even know he was in here. I was out there competing. Just going hard every drill we had, shooting the ball well, and defending. Coming out on a mission to prove myself.

Strengths of your game

Defending. I defend well and that might help me stay patient and make my offensive game come to me. Being patient on defense, getting steals, creating turnovers.

Where are you in the pre-draft process?

I've been to two workouts. Minnesota and Portland, this is my second workout. Both have been great, I had great energy in both of them, competed well in both of them. I'm just on the road right now.

What did you do in Monday's workout?

We played a lot of three-on-three, a lot of dribbling with the ball, getting open for our teammates, shooting the ball, a lot of shooting drills. Shooting and playing three-on-three. [My shot] was average. I missed some wide open shots, I had some good looks, felt good when I was coming off but it didn't go down like I wanted.

How many workouts left?

Seven left. Either Chicago or Cleveland [is next], my agent hasn't discussed that yet.

Where are you hearing you will fall in the draft order?

Top 10, top 15. A lot of different areas. Just coming in and proving myself. Knowing towards Draft day I'll be towards top 10 or 15.


That's something I embrace. Focus on defense to get my offense going, that's helped me since I was in high school and college. I really just embraced that.


That's really all I did growing up, shooting the ball, not handle it. I really shot the ball from deep range starting in middle school, high school, college. It started getting consistent in college. I worked on it and worked on it and got better at it.

Other aspects of offensive game

I can create my own shot. I have a quick first step so I can get past a lot of guys, pull-up, get to the rack. A lot of pulling up, that's part of my game too.

Caldwell-Pope was one of six players to work out on Monday. Through three sets of workouts, he's the second prospect, along with Tony Mitchell of North Texas, that is projected to be selected in the first round.

Caldwell-Pope has repeatedly been linked to the Blazers in mock drafts by Chad Fordof

The Blazers opened the pre-draft process by working out six players on Thursday and another four on Friday. Blazers GM Neil Olshey took questions about the pre-draft process and Blazers coach Terry Stotts explained his role in the workouts.

The Blazers are expected to run a total of nine or 10 workouts in advance of the 2013 NBA Draft, set for June 27. The Blazers hold the No. 10 pick in the first round and three second-round picks (No. 39, 40 and 45).

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter