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Miami Heat Win NBA Championship

Manu Ginobili and the San Antonio Spurs wilted down the stretch, and the Heat win their second straight title.

Kevin C. Cox

UPDATE: The Miami Heat held off the San Antonio Spurs to win their second consecutive NBA Championship, 95-88. See you next Thursday night for the NBA Draft chat!

6pm Tip-Off On ABC

Even if you're not excited about the NBA Finals, who can resist a Game 7? So let's get it on! How about a few questions, first:

Who do you want to win? No, seriously, does anyone actually want Miami to win? And isn't trolling?

Who can win MVP? Are there any choices other than Tony Parker, LeBron James or Danny Green? Can anyone else win MVP if they just have a monster game tonight, like Tim Duncan?

Can either of these teams return to the Finals next season? The Spurs are another year older, and Duncan and Ginobili seem to be fading. Speaking of fading, Wade and Bosh.

Can the other Conference Finalists (Indiana or Memphis) really win a title as constructed? Or would they just be lucky to reach a Finals if all circumstances fall in their favor?

Hang out and chat during tonight's game! And a week from tonight, prepare for a day-long chat about rumors and trades, because Draft Night 2013 will be upon us already!