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Sponsored Post: How's Your Arena Music?

Slacker Radio wants to know how your local arena music hits your ear.


Our friends at Slacker Radio have a question for NBA communities throughout the network: How's your local arena music going?

Many of my Blazer memories are wrapped around Gary Glitter-fueled timeouts in the Memorial Coliseum or Rose Garden. Nothing would beat the Blazers going on a huge fourth-quarter run, the opponent--knees weak--being forced into a timeout, and the whole arena rising to dance and scream to, "Baaah...dah HEY! Ba-da-dah-dah-dah!" I also recall KEX and their parodies of classic rock songs, including most notably the version of Bachmann-Turner Overdrive's "Takin' Care of Business". Music can be a powerful unifying force for a crowd.

On the other hand music can just be loud and annoying. Timing matters. I find the modern practice of playing music or extended sound effects during ongoing action particularly reprehensible. I haven't seen them do this in the Rose Garden much but I've noticed it in other arenas. I guess a little bit of "Charge!" is alright, but I don't think NBA basketball needs a constant and distracting soundtrack.

So what about you? How do you feel about Rose Garden music? What do you like or dislike about music around the league. Chime in if you wish.

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