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Blazers Seek Your Input In New, Comprehensive Fan Survey

The Portland Trail Blazers are launching a comprehensive survey of their fanbase and seek your input.

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A few weeks back, the Portland Trail Blazers launched a survey in conjunction with the NBA that asked fans all sorts of questions about the television and radio broadcasts of games. Respondents were instructed to rate individual broadcasters and to gauge the impartiality of the broadcasts and the knowledge level of the broadcasters.

A consistent theme from the new business-side management team -- including president Chris McGowan and new VP of Marketing Dewayne Hankins -- is the need for more data and better data to help inform the organization's decisions.

In that vein, the Blazers have launched a second, significantly more comprehensive survey this week that focuses on all aspects of the game experience, including ratings for everything from Blaze The Trail Cat to DJ OG One.

Here's the link to the survey.

The Blazers are requesting your input and participation. I went through it page-by-page and it's very long and detailed; set aside a chunk of time if you plan on taking the plunge.

Here's the email introduction that accompanied the survey sent to fans.

This off-season we are crafting a new and improved fan game plan and you can play the MVP role. The information you share with us in this survey will be read throughout all levels of our organization and will help us make informed decisions to enhance your experience with our team.

To thank you for the 15-20 minutes we are asking you to spend to complete this survey, we will e-mail you a 10% off coupon for the Trail Blazers Online team store once the survey has officially closed. Plus, your completed survey will automatically enter you into a random drawing for a $500 gift card to the Trail Blazers Fan Shop at the Rose Garden.

The survey includes a lot of baseline questions -- how many games do you attend, where do you sit, how many do you watch on TV, smartphone/tablet interaction with the team, etc. -- before it drills down to specifics about the game experience.

Some of the more interesting questions...

Would you prefer that the Trail Blazers weekend games be held in the afternoon or in the evening?

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements...

  • How I feel about the players affects my decision about whether or not to attend Trail Blazers games.
  • I feel involved when I come to a game.
  • I feel better educated about the team's players after attending a game.
  • I have a positive perception of the team's sponsors after attending a game.
  • Watching the streamers fall is memorable moment of a Blazers victory.

Feedback is also sought for all of the following regular in-game acts/actors.

  • Fan interaction
  • Rip City Slammers
  • Real-time in-game stats
  • PA announcer
  • Halftime show
  • Junior BlazerDancers
  • DJ OG One
  • In-game video highlights
  • Scoreboard
  • Trail Breakers
  • Music
  • Player-specific videos
  • Blaze
  • In-arena host
  • In-arena contests / giveaways
  • BlazerDancers
  • Sponsorship promotions
  • Anthem singers
  • Player introductions
  • Blazers Stunt Team

There are also questions about the team's various uniform designs and how you follow the organization (various websites, television channels, etc.).

Anyway, long story short, they want you to fill it out so that they have better information to guide decisions and business plans going forward. There's no shortage of educated, passionate opinions on this site and this survey seems like a good vehicle for expressing personal preferences in a way that will be systematically received with open ears and minds.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter