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Blazer's Edge Names Chris Lucia to Staff

Chris Lucia, recently from the University of Oregon Journalism Program, becomes the newest member of the Blazer's Edge writing staff.

Earlier this spring we put out a call for all interested parties to fill the new position of Preview Writer here at Blazer's Edge. Over 150 people applied and 32 of those made it to the final cut. After the long and laborious vetting/reading process we are happy to announce that Chris Lucia has become the newest member of our Blazer's Edge staff.

Chris grew up in the area and recently graduated from the journalism program at the University of Oregon. He's followed the Blazers forever and will bring a new and exciting twist to our game previews. You'll get to know him better next season but he might contribute a post or two over the summer to get in the swing of things.

I've had a couple people ask if Chris being here will mean I'm doing less writing, as previews have been my bailiwick since I started at the site. This is not the case. Chris taking over preview work will allow me to focus on original pieces that I simply don't have time for during the grind of the season. You're going to get to enjoy his voice taking the previews in a new direction and you'll enjoy mine in a fresher way too.

Chris is pictured above next to some Mayan ruins. Either that or next to a Blazer draft prospect who might actually be able to set an effective pick. Say hello to Chris and welcome him to the byline portion of the Blazer's Edge family!

--Dave (