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Kelley: I Will Teach My Future Child To Never Boo The Blazers

One Portland writer says that she will teach her future child to never boo the Trail Blazers.

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Kelley at writes that she attended a recent game between the Portland Trail Blazers and Brooklyn Nets and that it served as a reminder that she will teach her future child to never boo the home team.

Whether he wants to wear necklaces, or get terrible hair cuts, there are a few things important that we will instill in this child. One: You do not boo the home team.

We went to the Brooklyn game last week, and it was pretty terrible. Really terrible, for about 38 minutes. We got five minutes here and there of mini-runs, and a glorious five-minute stretch of third-string play that scared P.J. [Carlesimo] into putting his starters back in. Thanks for that, scrubs, but otherwise the most redeeming part of my evening was getting a hot fudge sundae. At one point in the first quarter, I had to confirm with my husband that JJ Hickson was indeed in a contract year, and that LaMarcus was the one who had been sick earlier that week. LaMarcus was the only once scoring, and he was doing it while hobbling on one good ankle. It was bad. The whole thing was bad. Bad effort. Not that much fun to watch.

You know what? Some games are bad.

You know what doesn't help? Booing.

I go to Blazers games to have fun. Usually my team wins (because I used to be good luck like that, and also, home teams win most of the time). I really don't get why you would pay $20 and up to go to a game and get pissed, especially in a situation like this - one team is fighting for seeding in the playoffs, and the other is barely hanging on to a mathematic possibility of entering them.

The Nets destroyed the Blazers, 111-93. Media Row Report here.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter