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Final: Lakers Slip by Blazers, 113-106

Despite the best efforts of Damian Lillard, the Los Angeles Lakers barely held on for the victory over the Portland Trail Blazers.


The Blazers were led by Damian Lillard, who scored a new career high 38 points with 9 assists. He was supported by LaMarcus Aldridge, with 17 points and 16 rebounds. Luke Babbitt went 4-5 from three for 12 points. The short-handed Blazers were without Nicolas Batum, Wesley Matthews and JJ Hickson due to various injuries.

by annthefan

If they're in the lottery 50 years, and move to Calgary, I’ll still chant it. I’ll still hate the Lakers.
by T Darkstar

First Quarter: Hello, Blazers! They wasted no time informing the Lakers that they would not simply roll over. Lillard and Claver hit three's, and the Blazers ran out to an early 15-6 lead. How well did things go? Lillard adjusted for the defense and banked in a three-pointer for a 10 point lead. Blazers Coach Terry Stotts told his team repeatedly to push the tempo against the tired Lakers, who played last night. And on the break, Luke Babbitt nailed a three to force a 12 point lead. The Lakers crawled back into it, but Lillard kept pushing their heads back down with clutch shooting. Score: Blazers 41, Lakers 33, Lillard 17 points and 7 assists.

I want to frame that quarter and put it on my wall.
by SEAheartPDX

Second Quarter: It didn't take long for the Lakers to pull to within 2 as the Blazers cooled down. But yet again, Lillard wouldn't give the Lakers room to breathe. He scored 6 quick points to keep the Blazers ahead. The Lakers could only tread water afterward, as Aldridge scored at the buzzer to maintain the Blazer lead. Score: Blazers 69, Lakers 61, Lillard 25 points and 7 assists.

70 point 1st half. I love the 80’s!
by Chuck Nevitt

Third Quarter: Former Blazer Steve Blake hit a three to start the quarter. Shortly after, the game was tied. Dwight Howard scored to complete a 10 point Laker run to take the lead. Portland finally scored two, while the Lakers scored 8 more points to take a 7 point lead. You'd think the Blazers were in trouble, but it just made Lillard angry. He scored an amazing 7 points in around 20 seconds to personally tie the game. But Kobe Bryant slowly built the Laker lead back up, swishing shot after shot. As the Blazers tried to regain the lead, Lillard isolated himself, drove and drew the defense, then kicked out to Babbitt for three. Swish, and the Blazers regained the lead. Score: Blazers 90, Lakers 88, Lillard 34 points, 8 assists.

Why does Kobe get to hit all of our players in the head?
by permaswoon

Fourth Quarter: Aldridge and Lillard rested to start the quarter. The Lakers quickly tied the game, but Sasha Pavlovic and Eric Maynor scored 5 consecutive points in response, as the raucous crowd went crazy. The Blazers somehow kept the lead as their Big Two returned, and the Laker defense laser-eyed on them. LA tied it, but Lillard regained the lead. Gasol tied it up, and the Blazers called timeout at the halfway point.

Blake and Will Barton exchanged buckets to keep the game tied, but Pau Gasol gave the Lakers the lead. At the other end, a Laker steal and Lillard foul led to a Clear Path call, giving the Lakers a 6 point lead. The Blazers took a timeout, and regrouped for one last push. Maynor's free throws cut the deficit to 4, as the Lakers continued to hound Aldridge and Lillard on defense. With 90 seconds left, the Lakers were still up 6. Aldridge's tip-in made it 4 with a minute left. However, offensive rebounds were the Blazers' Kryptonite, as a late Howard dunk put the game away.

Box score | Portland Trail Blazers tickets via TiqIQ

Stay tuned for more analysis from Blazer’s Edge later tonight. In the meantime, check out the upcoming Blazers schedule. -- Tim