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Buckner: Blazers C Meyers Leonard Discusses Possible Offensive Improvements

Portland Trail Blazers rookie center Meyers Leonard eyes improvement on the offensive end.


Candace Buckner of The Columbian reports some thoughts from Portland Trail Blazers rookie center Meyers Leonard, who eyes improvement on the offensive end.

On Saturday, Leonard put together all the elements of his offense - the double-forearm ball screen to spot-up jump shot ... the off-ball screen and wide open mid-range jumper ... the roll to the rim for the dunk ... the early offense and transition layup. If you notice anything missing, it would be the classic isolation and post-up play, which Leonard does not possess just yet.

In Leonard's debut season, the Blazers have mostly utilized his mobility and of his 287 plays, 82 have featured Leonard cutting to the rim while he's only been entrusted to post up 28 times.

"I can score in the post but when double teams come and they throw different schemes at you, it becomes more difficult," Leonard said, while examining what he needs to work on. "Your mind starts to turn, you've got to react quick. Guys in this league are so big and strong and athletic, you've got to make quick decisions. They're very smart. So not only develop my post-up game, but the ability to catch and shoot quicker, run faster and find better spots in transition, defending the ball screen better, grabbing a rebound, getting it out and going. So many different things."

Blazers coach Terry Stotts recently praised Leonard's play against the Golden State Warriors as the "best game of his season."

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter