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Eggers: Blazers President Chris McGowan Is "Not Happy" With Team's Websites

Portland Trail Blazers president Chris McGowan says that fans can expect a digital upgrade.

Blazers Courtside

Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune has an extensive feature with Portland Trail Blazers president Chris McGowan, who repeats his desire to secure a sensible naming rights deal for the Rose Garden, tries to put this year's layoffs behind him, and says that fans can expect a digital upgrade.

"I've tried to put (the layoffs) out of my mind," McGowan says. "It's one of those things that's not pleasant to do. I'm focused on running the Trail Blazers in an efficient manner. It is a business, and I want to make sure if we have people working, they're in a good role and they're needed.

"I identified some areas where we're not operating that way. I want to correct it so we can invest in areas we need to. When you're a CEO and president, you have to be conscious of the reality. There's no company out there that's not having to do more things with less. I observed there were some areas that had some bloat. I wanted to get it done with to put the organization at ease."


McGowan intends to hire more sales people, to bring in more marketing experience, to perform a makeover of the Blazers' websites and digital properties.

"I'm not happy with any of our websites," he says."I'm more of a fundamentals as opposed to a flash guy. Over the next six months, we'll redesign, relaunch and hopefully make our websites more functional for fans."

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter