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Weigh In: Will the Heat Make It to 33 Wins In a Row?

Everybody's talking about the Miami Heat winning streak. What's your take?

Gary Bogdon

Personally I've been trying to ignore the buzz until things got serious, but with Miami's victory in Orlando last night, bringing their 27th straight win, I guess things are serious enough.

The Miami Heat are 6 wins away from tying the all-time NBA win-streak record. Their next half-dozen games read as follows:


@New Orleans

@San Antonio

vs. New York


vs. Philadelphia

The 7th win they'd need to take the record for themselves would be Milwaukee at home.

There are a few tough road games in that list. Will the Heat make it to 33 or 34? If not, to whom will they lose and why? Make your predictions below.

Also raise your hand if you think "@Charlotte" would be funny.

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