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Congratulations Blazer's Edge! We did it!

Blazer's Edge Night 2013 is all set! Except we went OVER our expected number of tickets and are looking for a few more small groups to go!

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A week ago I published an article on Blazer's Edge Night 2013. For those late to the party, that's the evening when we send local kids to a Blazers game in the Rose who otherwise couldn't go for various reasons. In a massive grassroots effort we give away blocks of tickets to teachers, principals, counselors, youth workers...all kinds of folks who work with kids in need. Blazer's Edge readers donate these tickets personally, each of us stepping up for 1, 2, 10 kids...whatever we can manage.

When I wrote we had 300-ish tickets sold. The deadline for purchase was March 25th. We'd hoped to get a couple hundred more tickets sold in the last two weeks before the deadline hit.

Instead we got 400 tickets donated...that day. The Blazers scrounged around and got us even more tickets to meet the donations of people calling in this week.

I am happy to announce that we are at our limit. The Blazers don't have any more tickets in our price ranges to spare. We don't have the exact final numbers yet but thanks to you we'll be sending well over 700 kids and their chaperons to the April 17th game versus the Golden State Warriors.

It'll be an amazing night for us and for all the people coming. I am amazed right now at our community and your passion...not just for the team, but to share your love of the team in this way. If you can't win a World's Championship, well, the feeling of knowing that many people are attending a game because of us is pretty close.

Thank you, Blazer's Edge readers! And in anticipation I'll say thank you more than 700 times over for all of the folks who will attend that night. The Rose Garden going to see signs, hear cheers, watch eyes fill with never know whose day, week, or life will get changed by the opportunity all of you have provided.

Pursuant to that...since we went over expectations as far as donated tickets, we do have room for a few more participants. We're interested in connecting with smaller groups especially, people who may have slipped through the cracks. If you work with underprivileged kids/youth and you have a group of, say, a dozen or fewer who would be interested in attending the Blazers-Warriors game on April 17th, e-mail me at the address below and we'll see what we can do.

--Dave (