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Maddison Bond's Blazersedge Facebook Mural

Portland artist Maddison Bond draws a "Rip City" mural for Blazersedge.

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Maddison Bond

This is just a quick post to say thanks to Portland artist Maddison Bond for designing the new Blazersedge Facebook cover photo. Bond drew this beautiful "Rip City" mural that includes Bill Walton, Terry Porter, Clyde Drexler, Arvydas Sabonis and Brandon Roy. Click on the image for a larger size.


You might remember Bond from such classics as "Luke Babbitt, Chalupa Man" and this great LaMarcus Aldridge piece. He's selling prints of this piece if you're interested. Purchase prints here if you're interested. He's also selling the original. If you're interested in purchasing it, email him at maddison dot bond at gmail dot com. You can also follow him on Twitter @MaddisonBond.

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Finally, if you haven't donated to Blazersedge Night, you should. Info...


You can still donate tickets by CLICKING THIS LINK and using the password "BlazersEdge" or by calling Lisa Swan at 503.963.3966


-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter