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Gameday Thread: Grizzlies vs. Blazers

I still think "Express" would have been a great team name.


Welcome to the Gameday Open Thread at Blazer’s Edge! This is a place to hang out and enjoy tonight’s festivities with your fellow fans. Treat it as if you’re watching a game at the local watering hole, but hopefully without the language. Like any passionate fan base watching a game, expect some disagreements, and a fair amount of changing emotions. But with some fun and some mutual respect, we'll get through it together.

Before we get to the game details, let's talk challenges! As you may know, we're getting down to crunch time to purchase seats for the 2013 Blazer's Edge Kids Night. Earlier today, in Dave's game preview, various fans made challenges for tonight's game. Here they are:

GMan83201: Will donate 1 ticket for each of the following:
- A Blazer gets a double-double
- Damian Lillard has more than 6 assists
- A bench player scores in double figures
- Two or more Blazers have 10+ rebounds (2 tickets)
- Any Blazer has 2+ blocks (1 ticket)
- A Blazers win!

your face: Will donate 5 tickets if Nic gets another 5x5, and 1 for every clutch 3 pointer

baronofsouthman: Two tickets, plus...

- If the Blazers win tonight, I’ll make it four.
+1 for any Blazer triple-double.
+2 for a new Lillard career-high.
+3 for a Luke Babbitt triple-double.
+4 for Joel Freeland scoring 20 or more.

cdnsportnic: Three tickets, plus one more for every pair of Blazer steals tonight. (Welcome to the site!)

Steve the Hedge:
- 1 ticket for every Lillard Dime
- 1 ticket for every 10 lillard points
- 10 tickets for Lillard triple double
[If this were a drinking game, Steve might end up on the floor!]

BrotherBlazer: 5 tickets if Blazers win and/or 5 if Wes gets a triple double

Honka Playboy: Bought 4 tickets, plus...
1 – if the Blazers break 90 (win or lose)
2 – if the Blazers break 100
3 – if the Blazers break 110
10 – if Leonard breaks a backboard
15 – if Babbitt break dances at halftime
20 – if they break Mort’s heart and retire Damon Stoudamire’s number tonight
[It's not too late to schedule the ceremony, Blazers!]

jiistme: Bought two, will buy one more for a win, or two more if they win a blowout like in San Antonio

Feel Free to add your own challenges below, and to track the above challenges during the GDT!

A big thanks to everyone who bought tickets so far, a list of names so long I couldn't even start to list it here. It's very much appreciated!


Ok, let's get on with it! Details for tonight’s game:

Tip-off: 7:10pm

How to watch
Portland: Comcast Sportsnet Northwest, or Blazers streaming if CSN is unavailable to you.
National: League Pass, League Pass Broadband.

How to listen
Portland: KEX (1190 AM and 102.3 FM; does not air the game)
National: NBA Audio League Pass

The usual rules apply:

1. Please don't discuss non-sanctioned game streaming
2. No swearing, pictures, or spoiler tags please.
3. Please be cool to each other and don't be "that guy"!

Hang out and enjoy the game! -- Tim (

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