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Looking Forward to the Draft

Blazer's Edge highlights some great introductory work by one of its readers covering the Blazers and the 2013 NBA Draft.


With the season down to its last 20 games, eyes are starting to focus ahead to the 2013 NBA Draft. It's early, but we wanted to highlight a couple of great introductory draft primer Fanposts by KVin2 in case you haven't seen them yet.

Here are KVin's Draft Watch List for Round 1 and for Round 2.

We've going to start highlighting good sidebar content on a weekly basis so keep those posts coming. They're your chance to be blogger for a day or two without the commitment of doing it full time. If you haven't been to the sidebar for a while, you'll find the system has been updated over the last few months, so give it a whirl!

Also don't forget to leave comments in the Fanposts and Fanshots you find most helpful and interesting. That's the best form of encouragement for people to leave more!

Thanks to KVin2 for the great start!

--Dave (