Anyone watch Indiana Lose Last night?

I am not sure If I am reading into this game too much, however, Zeller was outplayed and out manned by 6'8" 237 LB Trevor Mbakwe.

Trevor looked like a beast. As a sixth year Senior, he is at the age of 24. I know he is old (relatively) and his ceiling is rather low. However, his hustle and defense could immediately help the Blazers or any other team off the bench.

His height and weight are very similar to that of Kenneth Farried where the Manimal stands at 6'8" and 227 LBS.

Don't get me wrong, I know he is no top ten but maybe a late to mid first rounder. I do think he would be a good grab. Ideally I would love to get Mclemore and Alex Len.... But that is a dream and wont happen.

I am a long time reader and first time poster. I love reading most of your comments. Please don't rip me apart on this. haha.

p.s. What ever happened to AK1984