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Trade Deadline Gameday Thread!

Can you smell that? Trades are in the air.


Welcome to the Trade Deadline Chat thread! This post is for any and all trade discussion. No need to create fanposts or fanshots, just hang out here and talk about trades! Discuss reports, rumors, stuff on twitter, whatever. Enjoy the deadline!

All trades are fair game to discuss, not just Blazer trades! Over time, we'll update this post with reported trades, so check back here for any juicy details.

SBNation's Trade Rumors StoryStream

Let's get this started with the first big trade of the day:

Houston Rockets / Sacramento Kings
Houston gets: Thomas Robinson, Francisco Garcia, Tyler Honeycut
Sacramento gets: Cole Aldrich, Patrick Patterson, Toney Douglas, and cash.
SBNation's analysis

Houston Rockets / Phoenix Suns
Houston gets: Second round draft pick
Phoenix gets: Marcus Morris (who will join his twin brother Markieff)

Have fun! -- Tim