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Gameday Thread: All Star Weekend (Saturday)

Damian Lillard won the NBA Skills challenge, defeating the Sixers' Jrue Holiday in the Finals!

Scott Halleran

Check out the details of Damian's victory!

But enjoy how Jeff Teague finished his round first:

In other events, Kyrie Irving won the Three-Point Contest, which featured the rare All-Star airball:


Terrence Ross won the Slam Dunk Contest over Jeremy Evans, despite Evans' creativity:


Here's today's chat thread for All-Star Saturday Night. It's a busy evening, here's a schedule of events:

5:30 p.m. | NBA All-Star Saturday Night | TNT
-- 2013 Shooting Stars (1st Event)
-- 2013 Skills Challenge (2nd Event)
-- 2013 Three-Point Contest (3rd Event)
-- 2013 Slam Dunk Contest (4th Event)

Hang out here and enjoy the whole evening, including Damian Lillard's involvement in the Skills Challenge. -- Tim