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House: "Courtside Errand Boy" Profiled

Longtime Blazersedge commenter Zach Freeman, aka "Courtside Errand Boy," is profiled.

Jonathan Ferrey

Kelly House of The Oregonian has a nice profile on Zach Freeman, a longtime Blazersedge reader and commenter who goes by the name Courtside Errand Boy. Freeman is a server during Portland Trail Blazers home games.

Zach Freeman has safely transported countless serving trays stuffed to the last square inch with super-sized soft drinks, plastic cups of beer and chicken-strip boxes through an athletic war zone.

In 10 seasons as a Rose Garden courtside server for Portland Trail Blazers season ticket holders, Freeman's casualty count is one salmon sandwich.

"It just slid off my tray by the three-point line," he says. "The ball boys scooped it up before the play even moved to that side of the court. I was sweating and red in the face, but I don't think anyone noticed."

Congrats to Zach on the well-deserved shine! He was one of the first to take notice of Blazersedge covering home games back in early 2008, if I'm remembering correctly.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter