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Blazer's Edge Survey: Where Are You From?

Just how far-flung is the readership at Blazer's Edge? Participate in today's thread and add your voice!

Oli Scarff

During one of last week's game recaps I mentioned the shouting following Portland's victory being heard in Indonesia.  This offhand comment was followed by 2-3 people in the comment section telling us they were actually IN Indonesia with somebody else chiming in they were close, in the Philippines.  Since Chris has you covered this morning with a preview of tonight's game, Sam is bringing you reaction from opposing blogs to Portland's success, and Ben has the latest on the Omer Asik trade talks, let's take a moment to ease my curiosity and get to know each other a little better.

We want to know where you're living right now as you're following the Blazers and Blazer's Edge.  City, country, neighborhood, it's all good.  We're particularly curious if you're somewhere far-flung.  Perhaps one of our graphic gurus will be able to compile the responses and pin them all on a world map when we're done.  But don't hesitate to let us know if you hail from Mt. Tabor or somewhere around Irvington either!

We did this a couple times when the site was much younger but since we've become more diverse and professional, the "getting to know you" aspect has slipped a little.  This is a call back to the olden days for the new generation.

As an added bonus, why don't you let us know who your favorite current Blazer is now that you've had a little time to get to know the team.

As incentive, for every 100 people who let us know where they are we'll throw in a little somethin'-somethin' for a randomly determined comment-leaver.

So all you lurkers, create an account and let us know.  Longer-term members, don't assume we know where you hail from or who your faves are.  Shout it out!  This thread is for everybody and it's

--Dave (