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Wojnarowski: GM Neil Olshey Offers Thoughts On Blazers' Early Success

Portland Trail Blazers GM Neil Olshey offers some thoughts about his team's early success.


Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports has a column about the Portland Trail Blazers' win last night that includes a few thoughts from GM Neil Olshey regarding his team's early success.

And quickly, he learned this: The people of Portland didn't want a winner, they needed one.

"It caught me off guard," Olshey said. "Listen, I had been in this building as a front-office executive, a coach, and I knew how much it meant inside this building with the fans. But how much the identity of this city is wrapped up in the Blazers. It's so important that this team performs well - and does it with the right kind of guys. It's not just winning, but how we win, how we lose, how guys play, how guys treat the fans.

"And you know, that's what accelerated it for me. It would be great to come in with a three-to-five-year plan, slowly rebuild, but about five minutes after I got here, I realized: We're going to have to pick the pace up on this."

Thanks to @klangley32 for the heads up and JelaniGNatural in the FanShots for getting there first.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter