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NBA Christmas Day Gameday Thread

Hang out in your pajamas while the NBA plays in their... umm, pajamas, too.

Stephen Dunn

Happy Christmas, all! I sincerely hope you've all had a fun, drama-free (!) holiday season, and are ready to settle in (or stop by?) for some ball.

Be sure to check out our Blazer's Edge Night details. Help us send 1,000 kids to a Blazers game.

Usually today is a pretty quiet day at Blazer's Edge, but it's not a quiet one across the league. Here's a catch-all thread for today's five games happening across the NBA:

Game 1 Bulls vs. Nets 9am ESPN
Game 2 OKC vs. Knicks 11:30 am ABC
Game 3
Heat vs. Lakers 2:00 pm ABC
Game 4
Rockets vs. Spurs 5:00 pm ESPN
Game 5
Clippers vs. Warriors 7:30 pm ESPN

No Blazers, but plenty of basketball! Use this thread all day to come by and chat about the games, or whatever else you'd like. Within reason of course. Back to Blazer Gameday tomorrow night on TNT! -- Tim