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Portland Trail Blazers All-Time Team Takes on Seattle Supersonics

Which historical version of the Portland Trail Blazers would be best suited to humble the best team of their hated rivals to the north, the Seattle Supersonics? Would you back Walton, Drexler, 'Sheed, or someone else? Vote here!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The good folks over at SBNation NBA sister site SonicsRising spend most of their time keeping the torch alive for the once-beloved Seattle Supersonics in hope that once again the green and gold will grace the Emerald City with hardwood love. But this Christmas they've thrown down the gauntlet to their onetime rivals, the Portland Trail Blazers.

SonicsRising has selected the 1995-96 Supersonics as the best team in their franchise's history. Coached by George Karl and led by Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp, they managed a 64-18 record and a strong post-season run before succumbing to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls 4-2 in the NBA Finals.

Now they want to know which team Blazer's Edge readers would select to represent their franchise in a mythical showdown versus those '95-'96 Sonics. Clearly we're not talking about assembling the five best players from various eras here. You have to pick one actual Blazers team from one year in history to take on The Glove, Kemp, and company in a Christmas Day battle.

Three teams from Portland's past come to mind: the 1976-77 championship squad, the icons of 1990-91 who won a franchise-record 63 games, and the traveling All-Star show of 1999-2000. Voting is not limited to those three incarnations, however. If you have an alternate suggestion, list it in the comment section and see if it gets any traction.

We invite you to leave a comment recommending which Portland team you think would have the best chance of defeating the Sonics and to explain why. We've also included a poll but that will mostly be used to break ties. The weighty voting happens in the comment section. Let us know who would give the Sonics their comeuppance once and for all!

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