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Portland Trail Blazers Now #1 Team in the NBA Standings

Welcome to the summit, everyone.

This is where we rank!
This is where we rank!
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Say it loud and proud: The Portland Trail Blazers are the #1 team in the NBA.

Earlier tonight, the Indiana Pacers lost at home to the Detroit Pistons, causing their record to fall to 20-4 overall. This allowed idle Portland to leapfrog over them in the standings, yet another reminder of why David Aldridge called the Blazers "the story in the NBA this season".

This looks like the latest point of the season where the Blazers have solely held the league-wide #1 spot since February 24, 2000, when the Rasheed Wallace-led Blazers held the #1 spot with a 44-11 record.

It's hard to say where the season will go from here, but sit back and enjoy the moment. With the obligatory graphic for posterity: