Trail Blazers have 'similar components' and are 'kind of reminiscent' of 1977 NBA championship team


Jack Ramsay on the Blazers Team this year: 'kind of reminiscent' "I think this team is great," Ramsay said. "Everybody is pulling a share of the load. They’re getting critical performances from a lot of people: The point guard, big forward and center. That’s three critical positions. And then the other starters are filling in and guys off the bench are stepping up. All these things have to happen if you’re going to have a good team. And they have a chance to be a great team." 'similar components' "They can match up with anybody, they defend well and they can score when they need to," Ramsay said of the Blazers. "I think (coach) Terry Stotts has done an incredible job with that group. It’s kind of reminiscent of the Trail Blazers team that I got when I first came to Portland. Nobody expected anything from that team — they had never had a .500 season — but everybody did his share. I think this team has similar components."