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Blazer's Edge Videocast: LaMarcus Aldridge for MVP?

With the Blazers riding high at 18-4, Sam and Dave cover a number of topics, from LaMarcus Aldridge's MVP candidacy to Damian Lillard's ability to finish at the rim. There's also more trade talk, with a couple of bigs coming into the discussion.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome, Blazer's Edge readers, to the newest edition of the Blazer's Edge Videocast!

The Portland Trail Blazers continued their winning ways over the last few weeks, now holding a conference-best-record of 18-4. In this edition of the Videocast, Dave Deckard and myself (Sam Tongue) talk about a plethora of topics related to the Blazers, including the "Aldridge for MVP" talk, X's and O's on Damian Lillard and some trade chatter.

As is usual, these videos are another platform to answer your emails. So, if you have a question to be answered in either a videocast or in a text mailbag, send a note along to the usual spot: Had a few great emails to answer today, and we're excited to read more as the season goes along!

A few additional notes: As with all technology, nothing seems to ever work perfectly every time. There are a few moments in this video where both Dave and I sputter a bit. Don't be confused, I assure you everything works out! Additionally, now that we have [most of] the kinks worked out, you will be seeing more graphics and other segments coming with the videos. More on that later...

For now, enjoy!