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Portland Trail Blazers: (Red and) Black Friday Deals

In honor of Black Friday, Blazer's Edge readers get to offer their best discount fantasy trades.

Andy Lyons's the day after Thanksgiving and half of America is out fighting the other half of America to be first in line for one of two $98 flat screens available across the whole country.  Whether you're sitting it out at home in front of a toasty computer screen or on your favorite mobile device while elbowing aside other shoppers, we're here to help you out.

First of all, the new Black Friday rules say if you get concussed you have to spend three days on the sidelines and then go through a battery of tests before you can shop again.

Second, remember to check the brand name of that sub-hundred-buck TV for odd vowels or misplaced consonants.  Cuz nothing says, "Let's stay together forever, honey!" like giving your significant other a 46" Magnavorx on Christmas morn.

Third, if you look hard enough you can find some pretty nifty deals, which is what we're going to chat about today.  Around here it's Red and Black Friday and we're going to pretend that most of the league is available at low, low prices.  If you could walk by one other NBA teams window and see a sign saying, "Player X available, 50% off!", who would you want that player to be, what would you trade for him, and why?

Now keep in mind, Lamborghinis don't go on Black Friday sales.  You can't get LeBron James or even a well-known star.  Forget Steph Curry and his ilk.  If we were letting other teams dream about the Blazers we'd say LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard were way off limits.  Nicolas Batum or Wesley Matthews would be permissible, this being a fantasy sale and all.

Also keep in mind you can't get items for 99.99% off, even on Black Friday.  Save the obvious and extreme, "I want to trade Earl Watson for Andre Iguodala!" deals for another thread.  At least give up a few young guys.  We won't be strict, but try to play half fairly.

Finally, we know Omer Asik and Larry Sanders are going to be popular targets.  Everybody wants iPads to get discounted too.  Go there if you want, but bonus points for giving us players everybody hasn't thought of first.

So, who would you want the Blazers to pick up on Red and Black Friday and what role would that new player fill?  Let us know below.

--Dave (