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All the Things Portland Trail Blazers Fans are Thankful For

Blazer's Edge readers give thanks!

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It felt weird to leave a recap of a (rare) loss up over this festive holiday occasion, so let's take a moment today to remember all the things we're grateful for as Trail Blazers fans.  You can share yours in the comment section.  I'll start here.

I'm thankful for 13-3, for the dedicated word of the glue guys on this team to make that happen (I'm looking at you, Robin Lopez and Wesley Matthews and Nicolas Batum), for the most aesthetically pleasing offense we've seen around here for a while (hat tip, coaching staff), for the coolest uniforms in the NBA, for memories of Bill Schonely's voice and Steve Jones' analysis, for the title, for a couple trips to the Finals, that we're going to be better than the Lakers this year, and for the chance to follow this all so closely for so many years.

I'm also thankful for the best writer in the biz, Ben Golliver, plus Chris, Sam, and Dane making this place so exciting and making the workload manageable.  I'm extra thankful to Timmay for all his daily work and passion for this community plus his fellow moderators.  People don't realize how lucky we are to have mods who care so much about the site and about how they do their work.

Most of all I'm thankful to you, our faithful readers.  When I started this 8 years ago (!) I couldn't have dreamed I'd get half the readers or that I'd have half the opportunities that have come my way.  I have to pinch myself every day.  I used to wonder whether 20 people were going to read this blog.  Now I have 20 friends write me Mailbag inquiries every day.  I'm thankful for the feeling you give me that what we do here matters. Being huge was never my goal.  Being good, truthful, and a warm shelter for Blazers fans to do their thing was.  I appreciate you making that vision come true and then some.

Be kind to somebody today, mend a broken relationship, help out someone who might need it, and be grateful for all that we've been given.  Happy Thanksgiving!

--Dave (