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The Most Significant Changes in the Portland Trail Blazers in 2013

What are the most significant changes for the Portland Trail Blazers heading into the 2013 season and in what ways will they matter?

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

This Thursday we need to publish a nation-wide preview of the Blazers as part of the SBNation-NBA preview series.  In preparation for that, I'm enlisting your help today.

I'd like to hear the biggest factors/developments/changes in the Blazers this year and why you think they're significant.  I am not talking about hopeful developments.  Save the "Damian Lillard is going to be so much better on defense!" until we see it.  Go instead with the substantial changes the Blazers made between this year and last, pick the most significant ones, and extrapolate what each will mean in as much detail as possible.

Fire away in the comment section.  I'm sure to use some of this stuff on Thursday so bring your best.

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