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Postgame: Clippers 89, Blazers 81

Preseason begins with a game that gave us few takeaways.


The Basics:

The Blazers were missing LaMarcus Aldridge, Mo Williams, Dorell Wright, Earl Watson, and of course CJ McCollum. The Clippers were at full strength. And it showed, as the Clips had no problem imposing their will in the game. They looked like a lion who was pawing at a gerbil until it was time to finish him off. They went into the locker room with a double-digit lead at halftime, featuring the requisite alley-oops and flopping. They floated through the second half to an easy victory.

Box Score


- Damian Lillard (11 points in 25 minutes) didn't shoot well, but he otherwise looked in regular season form, including 6 assists on a night the team shot poorly

- Rebounding. Even though the Clippers shot better than Portland, the Blazers looked great on the boards, easily out-rebounding them.


- Comcast. Seriously guys, how about televising preseason games this year? This is a mess.

- The Ball. Any Blazer comeback was betrayed by their poor ball handling and passing, leading to easy bucket after easy bucket for the Clippers.

- The Three Point Line. The Blazers punished the rim all night, throwing balls at it from the three-point line with reckless abandon.

- Nobody else. The Blazers spread the scoring around, and no players truly embarrassed themselves tonight. Considering how short-staffed they were, they could have looked much worse. Meyers Leonard, Allen Crabbe, Dee Bost and others each had their moments.

What's Next:

A Media Row Report from Ben, and Dave's postgame thoughts. The next preseason game is Wednesday Night at 7pm against the Suns. -- Tim