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White Team Wins Blazers' 2013 FanFest; Thomas Robinson Named MVP

If you went in with low expectations, it was fun to watch. Probably a concept that's generally good to keep in mind, actually.

The first of many MVP's?
The first of many MVP's?
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 Fan Fest is in the books! Here were the teams:

- Black team: Damian Lillard, Nicolas Batum, Will Barton, EJ Singler, Robin Lopez, Joel Freeland, Richard Howell, Earl Watson and CJ McCollum (Injured).

- White team: Dee Bost, Wesley Matthews, Dorell Wright, Allen Crabbe, Meyers Leonard, Thomas Robinson, Victor Claver, Mo Williams, LaMarcus Aldridge

What happened? It's a scrimmage, so exactly what you'd expect: Some sloppy play, alley-oop and windmill dunks, some three-pointers, and a little showboating for the fans. Toss in some festivities for the fans (including an entertaining halftime rookie performance of "Happy Birthday"), and everyone went home satisfied.

There were no breakout performances, nor any one who embarrassed themselves. Lopez (who said he knows to "Keep Portland weird") had a few nice moments, as did Barton and Robinson. After a week of injuries, both sides stayed under control and left the court in the same condition they entered.

Oh, and the White Team won 64-61. Richard Howell air-balled a three-pointer in the final seconds to seal the White Team win. We'll add some player stats when they're released (there was no available box score).

Tonight's MVP: Blazers Broadcasting and/or Comcast SportsNet, for improving their video production. It was way overdue, and nice to see.

Officially, the MVP was Thomas Robinson, who hit the game-winning three-pointer (yes, you read that correctly).

Tonight's LVP: The announcers, for repeatedly discussing the prospects fighting for a roster spot after the injury to CJ McCollum, without explaining that the Blazers have no open roster spots, and his injury doesn't actually open one.

No Media Row Report tonight, and tomorrow night is the start of preseason already! None of the preseason games are televised. But hang out with us anyway, we'll entertain ourselves in the Gameday Thread somehow! -- Tim