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Expectations for Damian Lillard, Nicolas Batum, and Robin Lopez

Discuss your expectations for Damian Lillard, Nicolas Batum, and Robin Lopez in 2013-14.


With training camp in full swing it's time to take a hard look at expectations for three players expected to make an impact this season.  Yesterday we asserted that one of the ways to gauge the "specialness" of Portland's year will be the development of their younger players.  Today we're asking how much you expect those players to develop.

We're giving you three guys expected to contribute: Damian Lillard, Nicolas Batum, and Robin Lopez.  Lillard is entering his second season.  Batum and Lopez are each entering their sixth.  What do you expect their stat lines to look like, where will any improvement come from, and how much impact do you forecast said improvements having on Portland's bottom line?

Let's not just talk generalities here.  We've done that all summer.  It's fine to mention that you want Lillard to improve on defense and Lopez to rebound, but give us some stats, something measurable to go by in addition to the broad pronouncements.

Have at it below.

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