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Portland Trail Blazers 2013-14 Season Opener: Blazer's Edge Videocast

Sam Tongue and Dave Deckard launch the Portland Trail Blazers 2013-14 season in style with the Videocast. Topics include pre-season, Damian Lillard's defense, Joel Freeland, Thomas Robinson, and much more!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the 2013-14 Portland Trail Blazers regular season! You have plenty to look forward to today: Chris Lucia's Game 1 Preview of the Blazers versus the Phoenix Suns, the first Gameday Open Thread of the year, losing your mind during the game itself, and all kinds of gooey delicious analysis afterwards. To kick things off, though, Sam Tongue and I have the first Blazer's Edge Videocast of the year.

The format is a little different than we used in the past and we're still getting our sea legs under us so we didn't push the technical umbrella too far in this one. No hobbits, no entry music...just two guys chatting about the Blazers mano-a-mano. As we progress we're going to get more creative, including a return of everybody's favorite play diagrams. We're also planning to use the Videocast as a way to answer your Mailbag questions that are easier to talk about than write about. The address to send question is the same: Send them in and we'll answer as many as we can. At some point we might even have live questions and conversation with some of you!

That's all down the road. For now, enjoy the discussion. And if you haven't checked out Ben Golliver and Kevin Pelton in their always-excellent Dontonio Wingcast, do that too!

Stay tuned all day for the ramp up to Portland-Phoenix and don't forget to send those questions in!

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